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About Our Firm

Our firm was founded in 1958 by Millard D. Bloom and has earned a reputation for integrity and strongly advocating the rights of its clients. Our legal team has decades of experience in the collection industry and are intimately familiar with all applicable state and federal collection law. We have a dedicated compliance team and utilize a state of the art collection platform which incorporates analytics, a predictive dialer, payment portal, and an IVR system which allows debtors to make payment arrangements over the phone, 24 hours a day. Our customer service approach allows us to work with debtors with a customer service oriented approach, resolving accounts in an amicable manner whenever possible.


Neil J. Bloom

Neil J. Bloom has practiced since 1989, after graduating from the University of Maryland at College Park and the University of Maryland Law School.  He has worked on behalf of hospitals, physician groups, commercial interests, credit card companies, and student loan clients.  Mr. Bloom is a member of the Maryland and D.C. Bars, as well as with the American Collection Association, Receivables Management Association International, the National Creditors Bar Association, the Commercial Law League of America, and AAHAM.

David B. Feldstein

David B. Feldstein graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park and the University of Baltimore Law School.  He serves as the firm’s compliance officer, and is a member of the Maryland Bar and the American Collectors Association.

Millard D. Bloom

Millard D. Bloom (1930-2020) began practicing law in 1958, after having attended the University of Baltimore and the University of Baltimore Law School. He advocated for creditors throughout his career, advocating on behalf of commercial, real estate, medical, and automotive clients.